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Paternity and Allocations of Parental Responsibilities

Parents of children may never marry, and may not need court orders for parenting their children while their relationships remain in tact.  Frequently, however, parents find that they need formalized allocations of parental responsibilities, that is, formalized provisions on how decisions for their children will be made, when each parent will exercise parenting time, and how their children will be supported financially.

Obtaining orders which can be enforced by Colorado’s courts is commenced with the filing of a Petition for an Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, or “APR” for short.   Parents can reach agreement on terms of a Parenting Plan by mutual agreement, with the help of a mediator, or by working on the Collaborative Model to create the Parenting Plan that will work for them.  Alternatively, and in the absence of agreement, a judge will decide terms of a Parenting Plan after hearing evidence from each party at a permanent orders hearing.


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