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The news that my husband wanted a divorce was completely unexpected. We had just had a baby, who was 3 weeks old, and now, suddenly the world as I knew it was upended, literally overnight. Tamara helped me navigate this terrible time with care and grace. She set a standard for mediation to be civil and productive. In a situation where things could get ugly, they didn’t, because she kept reminding us what truly mattered and what our priorities needed to be. I cannot say enough good words about her. She helped me through one of the worst times of my life and not only made it bearable, but also gave me endless hope. She set the foundation of a productive co-parenting relationship and set me up for success for the start of my new life. I am eternally grateful and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for support.
Annie Holyfield

Tamara is one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the fortune to meet. She is an excellent lawyer with vast experience in family law. Tamara is proactive, efficient, and thoroughly studies each case. Most importantly, however, she is dedicated and caring, and Tamara is dependable. I will be forever grateful for her taking my case. I would strongly recommend her.
Dr. Roberta Duarte

I used Tamara for a post-divorce real estate dispute. I was very impressed by her quick grasp of a complicated LLC and her thorough preparation for trial. Throughout the whole process Tamara was clear, empathetic, organized and easy to talk too. She clearly explained the pros and cons of different paths and I felt I could trust in what she said. She presented herself in court very well, her cross was outstanding and we won the case. If you are looking for an attorney that will work with you and not just for you I would recommend Tamara.
Carolyn Peterson

Tamara provided practiced professional legal services throughout my very challenging legal proceedings, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, she offered detailed explanations of the law and complex trial procedures, providing clear comprehensible prescriptive options for my consideration allowing for ease of mind for the final resolution.
J. Daniel

Tamara was there for me when the sun suddenly began rising in the west, the ground became unstable, and my heartbeat was constantly 50% greater than normal. If you are searching for a divorce attorney, then your world is probably upside down right now as well. Tamara was able to guide me through the process and was my advocate, confidante and ally. She let me know what information was required from me, and informed me of next steps. This is an extremely difficult and emotional portion of law practice, and Tamara handles it with extreme dignity and expertise. By the way- one year after my divorce I am happy, peaceful and loving life- you will get there too someday!
Needed an Ally

Getting divorced is really hard. I was confused and overwhelmed, and also really, really hurt.  Tamara was amazing at simplifying the process, keeping things moving ahead at a pace that felt right for me, and giving me confidence that I would come through it all better than ever (and I did!).

Ann Erickson